Waiting for the Hall of Fame announcement

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Here on the third floor of the media center, reporters await the Pro Football Hall of Fame announcement for the Class of 2010.

From the Dallas prespective, Emmitt Smith, Charles Haley and Tim Brown have the ties.

Smith is a lock thanks to becoming the all-time leading rusher in league history and numerous rushing titles and a MVP award.

Haley, despite five Super Bowl titles, something nobody has done, might not get in. Richard Dent could get more votes than Haley and it's not a guarantee he gets in. Haley was a dominant pass rusher, however his conduct in the locker room with reporters and teammates bothers some voters.

Not sure about Brown, of Woodrow Wilson High School. Brown, a talented wide receiver, still lives in Dallas, but his numbers might not be enough.

Up to five modern day players and coaches can get into the hall and up to senior candidates can also get in. Bob Hayes got in last year as a senior candidate.