Cowboys could go back to Oxnard

The Cowboys are thinking about moving a portion of their training camp to Oxnard, Calif. As we pointed out here there are several reasons for this.

Jerry Jones wants to play in the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio, to not only celebrate Emmitt Smith's entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but to showcase the Cowboys as the favorites to win the Super Bowl, which by the way is being played in Cowboys Stadium next February.

What better way to start the NFL season, which might be its last due to the unsettled labor agreement, than to get the Cowboys in the first NFL game of the season, though it's just the preseason.

However, to get back to Oxnard the Cowboys efforts to play in the Hall of Fame come with a price. Training camp must start sooner, probalby two weeks before anybody else.

Then, the travel. You can say Cowboys players get paid millions of dollars to deal with it. That's true. But check out this travel schedule:

Cowboys open training camp in San Antonio. Spend two weeks on the Riverwalk then fly to Canton, Ohio for the preseason game. Instead of coming back to Texas, the Cowboys fly to the west coast for about 14 more days of training camp. During this time frame at least one preseason game would occur, most likely in Oakland, San Diego or San Francisco.

When camp is almost over, the Cowboys will fly back to Dallas.

The last time the Cowboys were in Oxnard, 2008, the team spent a week in Denver before returning home. Several of the players were tired after a trip like this. It's hard to say if the Oxnard training camp wore the players down, but the reality is that team finished 9-7 and missed the postseason.

Will another trip to Oxnard cause the Cowboys to miss the playoffs?

Doubtful, but it's fair to say another visit to Oxnard will wear the Cowboys down at some point.