Drafting a kicker should be an option

The Cowboys drafted a field goal kicker in 2007 when Nick Folk was selected in the sixth-round from Arizona. He reached the Pro Bowl in his rookie year but after that he lost all sorts of confidence.

He missed a NFL-high 10 kicks in 2009, and the Cowboys had to rid themselves of him.

Now, the team is looking for a kicker again.

David Buehler was drafted last season to be a kickoff specialists/cover man on special teams.

When Folk went though his issues, Buehler wasn't an option. He couldn't make a kick from anywhere. Part of it, Buehler said, was he doesn't practice it enough and his timing was off.

As the Cowboys prepare for the 2010 draft, selecting a kicker might be an option.

The top three kickers in the draft are Michigan State's Brett Swenson, Alabama's Leigh Tiffin and Texas' Hunter Lawrence. We're not saying these three men will be around the second or third day of the draft, but the Cowboys have to look at this position again.

Currently, Connor Hughes (futures roster) and Buehler (active roster) will compete for the field goal job when all the minicamps start this spring. But the Cowboys should add another kicker to the mix.