Phillips: Cowboys can't be complacent

INDIANAPOLIS – A year ago at the scouting combine, Wade Phillips wouldn’t talk to the media, following Jerry Jones’ gag order. He was more than accommodating upon arriving in Indianapolis on Friday afternoon, chatting with Valley Ranch regulars for about a half hour in the hotel lobby.

A relaxed Phillips expressed pride in what the Cowboys accomplished last season, when they won the NFC East and ended a playoff win drought that dated to 1996. However, he made it clear that the Cowboys can’t afford to have a sense of satisfaction.

“We’ve got to have the same determination, but we’ve got to be determined to go further,” Phillips said. “We’re not satisfied with where we are. We did good, but we didn’t do great. That’s what we strive for. I think we’re always looking for that. We’ve got to make some changes.”

Phillips acknowledged that the changes wouldn’t be as dramatic as last offseason, when the Cowboys did a locker room cleansing and the coaches took significant steps to demand more accountability. But Phillips said the changes could impact several areas, including personnel and coaching techniques.

The Cowboys only enter next season with momentum if they don’t let complacency seep in, which was a problem after their 13-3 campaign in 2007.

“That’s got to be the theme of our players and our staff and everybody,” Phillips said. “We were still disappointed after that last game.”