A decision on Flozell Adams might come in June

One of the more revealing things to come out of the combine was Jerry Jones hinting that starting left tackle Flozell Adams could be gone from the 2010 roster.

Now Adams wasn’t the greatest left tackle in 2009, but he was solid.

He hurt his calf in the playoff loss to the Vikings and he was penalized for that little kick of his against the Giants and almost started a riot in old Giants Stadium back in December.

During the season, Adams pretty much contained some of the best pass rushers in the game on the Eagles, Giants, Chargers, Panthers and Broncos.

At 34, Adams played in 1,081 snaps, 11th most in the league among left tackles.

But a few things are happening that could prompt Adams’ departure.

Doug Free has emerged.

The Cowboys found this out last year when Marc Colombo missed seven games with leg injuries and Free had to play at right tackle. When Adams was knocked out of the Vikings game, Free filled in at left tackle.

Another issue is age.

Adams turns 35 on May 18 and it’s almost impossible to think his body will keep up with the pounding again.

Money is another factor.

Adams is due a $2.5 million roster bonus in June and is scheduled to make $5 million in base salary for 2010. That’s $7.5 million to a 35-year old left tackle.

The Cowboys really don't have to make a here on Adams, just wait until June.

“If we could have a season like that out of him this year it would be great," Jones said. "I was very pleased with his season. Certainly that’s the question mark. That’s when you have decision to make right there – can you get another year like that out of him?”