Is a receiver in the Cowboys draft plans?

Jerry Jones has this deal about using a high-draft pick on a wide receiver.

He doesn't like it because too much money would get spent on a wide receiver who can't develop until three or maybe four years down the line.

That's just the way he sees it.

But that could change, slightly. Now, I don't believe the Cowboys will use a first round pick or even second round pick on a wide receiver. The third round might be a spot where the Cowboys expend a draft pick on a wide receiver.

A trio of juniors, Illinois' Arrelious Benn, Georgia Tech's Demaryius Thomas and Carlton Mitchell from South Florida have talked to Cowboys officials the last few weeks.

It seems as if the Cowboys have more success in signing wide receivers instead of drafting or trading for them, look at Miles Austin and Roy Williams as the latest example of this.

The last time Dallas drafted a wide receiver was last year, Manuel Johnson in the seventh round, and he didn't see the field. He was on the practice squad. Before that, 2007, Isaiah Stanback, a quarterback at Washington, was converted to wideout and he struggled with injuries in his brief time with the Cowboys.

In 2006, Dallas drafted Skyler Green in the fourth round, but he didn't stick around long because the team never found a real spot for him on the oster.

In 2004, Patrick Crayton was a seventh-round pick out of Northwest Oklahoma, and guess what, he's still around.