Pro Bowl heads back to Honolulu

It's not a surprise, but the Pro Bowl is headed back to Honolulu, Hawaii, the league announced today. The game will be played Jan. 30, a week before Super Bowl XLV is played at Cowboys Stadium.

It was interesting to note in the NFL release it said, "Decision follows success of 2010 game before Super Bowl."

That's funny but there were numerous complaints from players, fans, media and even organizations such as the Colts, upset or concerned about having the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl, the selection of the players and forcing the Pro Bowlers from the Super Bowl participants to arrive in Miami to get honored before the game.

This season, which could be the NFL's last due to a lockout, the Super Bowl is played on Feb. 6, 2011.

Might this 2010 season be the last Pro Bowl and Super Bowl we see for a while?