Will Brandon Marshall's tender impact Austin?

The Denver Broncos offered a first-round tender on wide receiver Brandon Marshall today totalling $2.521 million.

Marshall wants out of Denver, and maybe the team placing this type of tender on him entices another organization to give up a first-rounder.

Denver did give stud pass rusher Elvis Dumervil a first- and third-round tender that comes to $3.168 million. We assume the Broncos would want to lock up Dumervil long-term.

This brings us to Miles Austin, who is coming off a Pro Bowl season for the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones wants Austin signed long-term, but in the meantime the speculation is he would get the highest tender at $3.168 million, which would force a team to give up a first- and third-round pick for Austin's rights.

But with Marshall getting a first-round tender, does it set the stage for the Cowboys placing just a first-round tender on Austin?

If that happens it increases the number of teams willing to take Austin away. If you place a first- and third-round tender on Austin, it limits the amount of teams, if any, willing to give up two draft picks.

By midnight Thursday, the deadline for tender offers, we get to find out just what the deal is.