Marty B needs to earn more opportunities

Earth to Martellus Bennett: The Cowboys’ offensive system has already been tweaked to benefit you.

Remember last offseason? Double Dynamite wasn’t a media myth. Jason Garrett and Co. spent the spring and summer coming up with creative wrinkles for the two-tight end package because they wanted to take advantage of Bennett’s immense talent.

You failed to take advantage of the opportunities, Marty B.

Here’s how it works: Maximize the chances you get and they will multiply. Fail to earn the trust of Tony Romo and the coaching staff and you’ll become a forgotten man, maybe even lose playing time to John Phillips.

Bennett, a 6-6, 265-pound physical freak who explodes out of breaks like a wide receiver and can make acrobatic catches look easy, believes he can become one of the all-time great tight ends. He might be right. Jason Witten is well on his way to that elite class, and Bennett has much more athletic ability than the perennial Pro Bowler.

But Bennett doesn’t come close to matching Witten’s work ethic and attention to detail. Bennett has to realize the importance of running precise routes. He has to understand that Romo won’t throw him the ball unless he knows he’ll be exactly where he’s supposed to be. He can’t just freelance, like he did when Garrett called a fade for him in the end zone in the early-season loss to the New York Giants. And he can’t drop balls that hit him in the hand on a regular basis because his mind is wandering.

When Jerry Jones publicly challenges a player to mature and focus, there’s a problem. Marty B apparently hasn’t gotten the message, though.

The Texas A&M coaching staff got blamed for Bennett’s underachieving college career. It’s too convenient to blame the Cowboys’ coaching staff for Bennett’s subpar sophomore NFL season after his All-Alamodome training camp.

At some point, Bennett must accept accountability. The system is in place for him to emerge as a star for the Cowboys. If Bennett doesn’t become an impact player for the Cowboys, he can blame himself.