Drafting a wide receiver in first round

There is speculation regarding what the Cowboys will do in the first round of the draft.

Drafting a wide receiver in the first round appears doubtful, seeing the Cowboys haven't done it since they took Alvin Harper in the 1991 draft, as the 12th overall selection. (That same year, the Cowboys took Russell Maryland, No. 1 overall.)Dez Bryant, according to his agent, Eugene Parker, will visit Valley Ranch on April 1. Now this doesn't mean the Cowboys will draft him in the first round. Bryant is projected as the first wideout taken in 2010. But taking a wide receiver in the first round has its issues.

"On wide receivers there are more busts in the first round than the majority of other positions," ESPN's Todd McShay said. "That’s reason No. 1. Reason No. 2 is almost more important to me, is that it is not one of the positions of value. If you’re drafting in the first round, especially high in the first round, when the money is so overwhelming and can cripple you if you make a mistake. Or even if you get a solid player in a position that’s not one of ‘the big fours’ as I like to call it, I really think it can set your organization back."

Jerry Jones doesn't like to do it for financial reasons, we understand that. Why kick out big money to a wide receiver when you can't get a return on it until three or maybe four years down the line.

Now this not to say the Cowboys are not interested in drafting a wide receiver. Arrelious Benn, Demaryius Thomas and Carlton Mitchell are some of the names being thrown out among agents that the Cowboys are targeting.

Will it happen in the later rounds of the draft? Stay tuned.