Doug Free is ready to play left tackle

ORLANDO -- One of the things Jerry Jones said during his 40 minute chat with reporters is the opportunity to start Doug Free at left tackle is a reality.

But he's not ready to make it happen at this stage.

Flozell Adams is the current starter at the position, and Jones said he hasn't discussed cutting him. Adams turns 35 on May 18 (Happy Birthday).

"The question now is he got all of his time in at right [tackle]," Jones said of Free. "I say that because if you look at his pluses and what he does the best, it’s more left tackleish than it is right tackleish, which is good feet, runs good, moves good and you want everybody to be an anchor, but you don’t do it as much over there as you do on the right."

Jones also said Leonard Davis, who is the starting right guard, can play tackle. Davis did so with Arizona.

"One of the things that we’ve always thought is he is a consideration," Jones said of Davis.