No talks regarding cutting Adams, Hamlin

ORLANDO -- Some of the offseason discussion regarding the Cowboys' roster is whether or not the team should cut starting left tackle Flozell Adams and starting free safety Ken Hamlin.

Jerry Jones said the organization hasn't even discussed that and Wade Phillips said everybody is still evaluating what just happened in 2009.

"We just have not addressed decisions of that nature," Jones said. "Mulled them over, but just haven’t addressed it. Haven’t had to. It’s not been compelling. As we get closer to OTAs, as we get a read on how we do in drafting. When all of that comes to bear, then we’ll make some decisions if we’ve got to basically make room so to speak."

Here's a translation: Adams, who turns 35 in May, is scheduled to get a $2.5 million roster bonus in June and if he's still here on opening day, his base salary is $5 million. If the Cowboys cut Adams it will be in June.

The Cowboys like Doug Free to move to left tackle, but aren't sure if this is the year to do it. If they could draft a tackle in the first or second rounds, then it might push Adams out the door. It's a tough decision to make either way.

Now, Hamlin. He was average last year, that's why the Cowboys scouts are looking at safeties in the draft and Phillips is talking up Michael Hamlin as a guy who can play both safety positions.

Hamlin will make $5.59 million in base salary this year. A lot for an average player.

Can he play better? Sure. Can the Cowboys get younger? Of course.

"They’re on the roster and have not made a decision as to them not being on the roster," Jones said. "And have not given any more consideration there at this time than you have just your overall roster. So you could get some bad information at this juncture if you said somebody said they’re not going to be with you. It’s just shear speculation, using the logic of what’s caused them to be at issue anyway."