Hamlin is day late, maybe $4.5 million short

One day of voluntary workouts won't make the difference between a mediocre season and a Pro Bowl campaign. But shouldn't a veteran whose job is in jeopardy show up for the first day of the Cowboys' offseason conditioning program?

Free safety Ken Hamlin apparently doesn't think so.

Hamlin spent Monday recovering from a wild party weekend in LA while most of his teammates worked out at Valley Ranch. We know this because Hamlin told the cyberworld on Twitter, regaling us with 140-or-less-character tales about his trip to the Playboy mansion, club-hopping and flight home last night.

There's nothing wrong with players -- and Hamlin was joined by some teammates for at least part of the trip -- having some fun before getting back to work. However, the start of the conditioning program has been known for some time. It isn't asking too much for his return flight to allow him to get to Valley Ranch on time.

Coach Wade Phillips stresses attention to detail and doing things "exactly right." Hamlin, who arrived at Valley Ranch early this morning to work out, ignored those messages by skipping the first day of workouts.

That doesn't seem like a wise move for a veteran the Cowboys are considering cutting. You'd think a guy with $4.5 million on the line (the difference between his guaranteed money and base salary for 2010) would seize every possible opportunity to convince the Cowboys he's worth keeping.