Believe it or not, WR is a priority

When it comes to roster moves involving wide receivers, Jerry Jones ought to be considered the opposite of E.F. Hutton.

When Jerry talks, don’t bother listening.

He’s fibbed – or maybe just changed his mind – too many times when talking about receivers. Recent examples include raving about the impact Terry Glenn would make before releasing him as training camp opened, shooting down Roy Williams trade rumors before pulling the trigger on the blockbuster deal and all but guaranteeing the return of T.O. before breaking up with him via tablecloth.

So when Jerry said the week after the season ended that he’d sleep well if the Cowboys didn’t draft a receiver, it was reasonable to believe that receiver ranked near the top of the team’s list of priorities.

Judging by the Valley Ranch visits, that certainly seems to be the case. Four of Scouts, Inc.’s top 10 receivers – Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant, Illinois’ Arrelious Benn, Ohio’s Taylor Price and LSU’s Brandon LaFell – were guests of the Cowboys this week. Two more in the top 15 – Kansas’ Dezmon Briscoe of Cedar Hill and SMU’s Emmanuel Sanders – are expected to contribute in Dallas Day at Valley Ranch next week.

And if Georgia Tech’s Demaryius Thomas is still available at No. 27, don’t be surprised if the Cowboys grab him.

This has nothing to do with Miles Austin’s status as a restricted free agent. The Cowboys plan to keep Austin for a long time. When was the last time Jerry failed to lock up a guy he was determined to keep in Dallas? The Austin deal will get done, whether it happens before the season or not.

Using a premier pick on a receiver is about providing Tony Romo with an array of weapons throughout his prime. It’s also about preparing for the departure of Roy Williams.

Jerry has publicly and repeatedly expressed confidence that Williams will morph into the star they thought they were getting from Detroit. Once again, believe anything Jerry says about receivers at your own risk.