Romo: No comment on Flozell

Tony Romo, with Candice Crawford, took in Saturday's Mavs game and wasn't quite ready to discuss Flozell Adams' release. AP Photo/Mike Fuentes

DALLAS -- I ran into Tony Romo at the Mavericks-Thunder game and, after some brief and uncomfortable small talk, asked if he'd be willing to comment about the release of the man who has protected his blind side his entire career as an NFL starter.

But Romo didn't feel like discussing Flozell Adams' departure.

"Not yet," Romo said. "Gimme a week."

Romo might not be happy about Adams' release, but I wouldn't read much into those comments. It's entirely likely that Romo, who is sporting a T-shirt, jeans and backwards Starter cap, just wanted to spend time with his girlfriend instead of talking to a reporter.