Cowboys targets: Thomas, Iupati, Bryant

IRVING, Texas -- With the first round of the draft over, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said Thursday night the organization targeted three players for their original draft spot at 27.

The were Texas safety Earl Thomas, Idaho guard Mike Iupati and Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Now, Jones said the wide receiver was not a position of need -- more on that later -- but Thomas went at No. 14 to Seattle and Iupati was grabbed by San Francisco at 17.

That left Bryant, and when Denver took wide receiver Demaryius Thomas at 22, it pushed the Cowboys to work the phones. Fearing Bryant was going to get picked by Baltimore, the Cowboys made their move.

"When we were saying was if all three of those guys fell, it would have been impossible," Jones said of the Cowboys' top three. "But one gets you an all pro player for many years in Iupati, Thomas is just a fabulous centerfield and an outstanding player and worthy of that type of player, and then you have Dez."

Jones said the Cowboys had Bryant among their top 10 picks.