Cowboys-Dolphins talked trade

Over the course of a few hours on Thursday night, the Cowboys talked trade with several teams, including the Miami Dolphins.

But nothing transpired.

The Dolphins did trade, but with San Diego, leaving the No. 12 for the No. 28.

Dallas also traded, but with New England, moving from No. 27 to No. 24.

Did the Dolphins come close with the Cowboys on a deal?

“I would say we talked to probably four or five teams. I would say there were two very serious [teams]," Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland said.

There were several veteran players on the trading blocks for the Cowboys such as Marcus Spears, Martellus Bennett and possibly Bobby Carpenter.

When Jerry Jones was asked if did he come close to trading a veteran player he said, "not close."

Maybe Friday night the Cowboys and Dolphins will make a move.