DeMarcus Ware supports Doug Free

Cowboys outside linebacker, and superstar defensive player, DeMarcus Ware chatted with some reporters on Sunday night and offered his support for new left tackle Doug Free.

Ware had said last week on ESPN that maybe the team should have kept Flozell Adams and possibly bring him back. However, Ware said he believes Free can replace Adams.

"Actually, he handles everything well," Ware said. "Coming in as a young player he wasn’t as big, but in the off-season he’s bulked up a lot. He’s gotten a lot bigger, gotten a lot stronger. He’s very quick. To be honest, he’s quicker than Flozell Adams when it comes to a lot of things that he does. To have that young guy in there, with the tenacity to maul a guy down, that’s what I call Doug Free, that mauler type offensive lineman we need."

Ware said he will miss Adams, especially on leadership, but is confident other players can fill that void.