Dez Bryant is winded, out of shape

IRVING -- After his first official practice with the Cowboys, first-round pick Dez Bryant looked tired, slugglish and out of shape Friday.

Bryant dropped only one pass, and made several fantastic receptions -- including one where he caught a pass with his left hand only as if grabbing a nerf ball. He also made two leaping catches, but it was his inability to finish all of the drills that made people notice.

Bryant was bending over breathing heavy and spit up water several times during the mid-morning practice. He was drinking plenty of water during the session and there were times he stood with his hands resting on his helmet.

At one point, wide receivers coach Ray Sherman yelled at him: "Got to get in shape."

Following another drill, Sherman walked over to Bryant to make sure he was OK. Head athletic trainer Jim Maurer also spoke to the rookie.

"Just getting back in the flow," Bryant said after the 90-minute practice session. "As the days go on, you will see a lot of progression."

Bryant said he did better than he thought, but figured things will work itself out in time.

"It feels good; it feels great," Bryant said.