Alex Barron expects to compete

The Cowboys finalized a deal to send Bobby Carpenter, the underachieving inside linebacker, to the Rams for another underachieving player in tackle Alex Barron.

It would seem this is a good deal for both teams.

Carpenter needs a fresh start. He never caught on with the Cowboys, and playing in a 4-3 scheme will help him. As for Barron, he told ESPNDallas.com he would prefer to play left tackle rather than right tackle.

Barron expects to compete with Doug Free for the starting left tackle position and will be here for the first day of organized team activites on May 17.

In St. Louis, Barron struggled, especially last season.

He committed an NFL-high 14 penalties and was third in the league in allowing his quarterback to get hit 15 times. He also gave up seven sacks, tied for 16th most in the league.

Part of Barron's issues stemmed from numerous offensive line and offensive coordinators that were used in his time with the Rams.

"It was a little different," Barron said. "Most the coaches wanted to teach you different things all the time. It had to be their way, instead of it just being about football. When that happens it makes it difficult."

Barron said he was surprised the deal came down because he was a restricted free agent and those types of players don't get traded that often.

But he's here now competing with Free for a spot at left tackle.