Tony Romo will miss Bobby Carpenter

It seems we can't enough of Bobby Carpenter.

We're writing about him more than we were when he was playing for the Cowboys. Then again, ESPNDallas.com has only been around since last September, so go figure.

Anyway, Carpenter's best friend on the team was quarterback Tony Romo.

Romo was in Carpenter's wedding, and when the quarterback took that famous trip to Cabo before the playoff game against the Giants, Carpenter was right there.

Well, Carpenter is gone, traded to St. Louis for Alex Barron. Romo, after a round of golf at the Stonebridge Country Club in McKinney, Texas, spoke about his friend.

"It's tough for me to see because I was really close with Bobby Carpenter," Romo said. "That’s part of what happens in the NFL is that it goes on. So I will miss him for sure, he was a great friend. It will be tough, but in the long run hopefully it will be good for him. I wish him luck."

While Romo has expressed confidence in Doug Free, the new left tackle, he understands adding Barron creates competition.

"Everyone has to pick it up if they want to be the guy who wants to be there for us," Romo said.