Miles Austin is waiting on a new deal

We talked to Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin last week and he's waiting on the Cowboys.

See, Austin wants a new contract.

The team placed a first-and-third round tender on him worth $3.168 million. Austin and his agent, David Dunn, have talked contract with the club, but its preliminary at best. Austin hasn't signed his tender deal either.

Austin said the contract talks won't stop him from working out. Hard.

Does he want to stay?

“Yeah, if that can work out,” Austin told ESPNDallas about signing long-term. “And if they set it up, then again, like I said I’m not the one that’s in charge of it, those guys are, obviously I want to be here, but they have to make the effort. If I could sign something right now, I would but they are the ones that have to do that.”

Austin said he embraced the addition of wide receiver Dez Bryant to the team. There is a thought that drafting Bryant was meant as a wakeup call to Roy E. Williams.

Maybe it was meant as one to Austin?

“To be honest they can bring in the top receivers in the league, it’s not going to change my work ethic or drive,” Austin said. “My thing is I’m doing my job and that’s all I can focus on. When they bring other people in its awesome hopefully he’s great. I seen his minicamp tape he looks awesome. He looks great. It’s great for the Cowboys and great for me. I’m trying to win a championship, that’s all I’m focused on.”