Bryant reminds that he's a rookie

IRVING, Texas -- Dez Bryant's performance in Tuesday's practice won't cause him to be bathed in any more anointing oil.

For the first time in a practice open to the media, Bryant didn't impress.

Bryant had a ball go right through his hands in the end zone during two-minute drills, a session of practice that caused Wade Phillips to question his team's focus. Cornerback Jamar Wall came up with the rebound for an interception on what should have been a touchdown pass from Tony Romo.

There were at least two times Bryant and Romo weren't on the same page with routes.

Once, Bryant simply ran the wrong route, breaking upfield while Romo threw an out. Bryant responded by smacking himself upside the head with both hands.

Another time, Bryant made a sweet diving catch. But the only reason he had to go to the ground to get the ball is because he didn't have the proper depth on the route.

"[Romo] said good catch, but I ran the route a little bit too deep," Bryant said. "He just told me to flatten it down and if he wanted me to go deeper, he’ll put the ball out there for me to go deep.

"I’m glad it’s practice and not the game."

For all the hype, Bryant still has a lot of work to do to get ready for his rookie season.