Romo discusses his day on the course

Tony Romo Out For US Open (2:40)

The Cowboys QB withrdraws from sectional qualifier Monday (2:40)

THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Tony Romo had a fantastic start to his day.

While trying to qualify for the U.S. Open championships, Romo failed to reach his goal, by after shooting a one-under 71 in the first round, he struggled to start the second round.

When the first round was over, Romo was in contention to make a run in the second round.

"I probably knew on 13 and 14 I was in a position to at least have a chance on the second 18," Romo said. "It's a different deal, I don’t know if I've ever played 36 holes. But I think I have in a golf cart. But its been a long time."

Here are his scores of the first three holes of the second round: 8, 5, 6. Not good.

In the first round, Romo made a par on the first hole, but when he returned to the hole to start round 2, his tee shot went left, his second shot was ruled unplayable and his fourth shot hit a tree and the rest, well forget it, it just went down hill from there.

On No. 2, Romo bogeyed and then on No. 3, a par 3, when he made par the first time, he shot a triple-bogey.

No. 4 started off badly as well, when his tee shot went into the man-made lake. As Romo was preparing for his approach shot, thunder heard on the course, pushed all golfers off the course for the second time of the day.

He played in front of a gallery of 100 fans, some wearing Cowboys jerseys, hats, t-shirts and the such. Romo signed autographs, changed shirts and shorts three times because of the heat and gave a young fan a fist pump.

"It's a good golf course," said Romo, who played the course on Sunday. "Really tough."

It was a nice day for Romo on the golf course who played in front of his dad Ramiro, who smoked a couple of cigars along the way.

"It was a good day," Romo said. "I put myself in contention there a little bit and I think the delays were positive and negative but it's exciting to be competing and it's fun to teach yourself lessons on the golf course [and] about sports in general. And I took away a few things today I'm going to use in football, so that’s a positive in that respect and it's just fun going out there and competing."

Romo's struggles on that first hole in round two, just carried onto the next hole.

"On that first hole, your out of it," Romo said. "At that point, I think your just trying things then, your always trying to improve and get better. If I had finished the round the rest of the way would have been about trying to improve as a golfer."