Williams cracks about Crayton competition

IRVING, Texas -- Roy Williams took no offense to his friend/fellow receiver Patrick Crayton's statements about the lack of an open competition for playing time at their position.

Williams smiled when asked about the sensitive subject and kind of kidded that the looks forward to competing against Crayton again.

"I always compete with anybody on the team, especially Patrick," Williams said. "Because number one, I’m better than him. Two, I’m younger than him. Three, I beat him at everything we do -- golf, PlayStation, all those things. So me and him compete in everything."

We could debate whether Williams is a better receiver than Crayton, but that'd ruin the playful vibe. Williams also sarcastically referred to the 31-year-old Crayton as an old man who played under Tom Landry.

Crayton laughed and shook his head when informed of Williams' barbs, making sure to mention that No. 11 looked worn down after three weeks of OTAs.

There's at least the good-natured trash-talking competition between the two.