Mat McBriar is ready to become holder

IRVING -- With four games remaining in the 2009 regular season, quarterback Tony Romo took over as the holder for Mat McBriar.

The holder position became a sensitive subject around Valley Ranch last year when kicker Nick Folk complained about McBriar as the holder.

With Folk gone, and David Buehler as the new kicker, McBriar has returned as the holder.

It's a better situation for the Cowboys because McBriar can develop a quicker chemistry with Buehler than Romo.

"I like doing it with David," McBriar said after the first practice of the mandatory minicamp. "We can go back to the side and we get all that work in, it feels good."

Last season was a bit of frustration for McBriar who didn't seemed thrilled with being the holder but embraced the role. It all came to an end in the New York Giants game, Dec. 6, when after a missed kick by Folk, he yelled at McBriar about the hold.

On the plane ride home, Romo suggested he could become the holder again and the Cowboys did it, but it didn't stop Folk's struggles, who was eventually cut before the end of the season.

"I felt good about my holding last year, expect for a few that I messed Nick up last year," McBriar said. "I will throw my hands up and say yes, I will hold again. I don't mind doing it I prefer to do it."