Stover available if Buehler doesn't pan out

Many of you are concerned about the kicking game.

It's understandable after the Nick Folk (NFL-high 10 missed field goals) meltdown and how Shaun Suisham missed two field goal tries in the postseason that finding a placekicker is a high priority.

David Buehler is going to get a chance to win the job this summer. Connor Hughes is also getting his shot as well, but the job is Buehler's to lose. It should be noted during last week's three-day mandatory minicamp, Buehler didn't attempt a field goal in front of reporters.

That's not to say Buehler didn't try any before we were allowed to watch practice. And we're not saying he didn't attempt any kicks, but it's just interesting.

You could also say the Cowboys might not want to pay a kicker good money and Jerry Jones will tell you that's pretty close to the truth because he pushed out big money (three years close to $6 million with a $2.5 million signing bonus) to Mike Vanderjagt in 2006, and he didn't last the season.

All of this brings us to Matt Stover.

He's a Lake Highlands product, who would love to play for the Cowboys.

Some negatives: Age: he's 42.

He's missed his last three field goal tries from 50 plus yards and in the last three seasons he's 15 of 23 from between 40-49 yards.

Some positives: In the last five years, a span of 74 games, Stover has made 86.4 percent of his field goals including 93.8 percent in the fourth quarter.

If Buehler doesn't work out, Stover, an unrestricted free agent, is on the market and hasn't announced his retirement. He should get a phone call, if Buehler can't make it happen.