Deion: I'm betting on Roy Williams

Deion Sanders said something on the The Ben & Skin Show this morning that surprised me.

He believes Roy Williams will get it right this season.

It's not so much the opinion that raised my eyebrows, although I'm skeptical about Williams' production after seeing him struggle for the last season and a half. It's the source.

Prime Time ripped Roy long before fans and local media picked up the pitchforks and chased the receiver around Valley Ranch. Sanders declared the Williams deal lopsided in the Lions' favor the day it went down ... and has no reason to back off now, since it certainly looks like he was right.

But Sanders switched the subject from Dez Bryant ("no pressure on him") to Williams to publicly proclaim that he believes the $9 million will perform this season, albeit perhaps not at a No. 1 level.

"You know why I’m betting on him this year?" Sanders said. "Because his back is against the wall, he has to perform and I think he has that inside of him that knows, ‘Man, if I don’t do it, this is it. This may be the end of my career.’ And I’m betting on him. I think he’s going to go and make the plays.

"He’s going to make the plays that are called to him. He isn’t going to catch 90 or 100 balls, because they’re not going to call his number that many times. He’s going to be on the backside of the double teams that probably Miles will warrant or Witten will warrant, and he’s going to have to win one-on-ones. But I’m betting this year he’s going to win it.

"He’s going to come out and he’s going have a new swagger … because he knows this could be it."