Steve Smith's injury reminds us of Romo

Steve Smith Breaks Arm (0:53)

Mike Golic on how the Panthers will adjust to Steve Smith's broken arm (0:53)

Carolina wide receiver Steve Smith has a broken arm.

Adam Schefter is reporting it occurred at his youth football camp.

Smith's injury raises serious questions about what players do in the offseason.

Tony Romo comes to mind.

He plays indoor soccer, church league basketball and golf. I'm sure he's throwing passes in the front yard of his house or on vacation. Last year, Romo said he was on the beach throwing passes to friends.

Many of you are upset that Romo has extra activities away from football. I would contend that it's not a big deal, especially when everybody else does it.

So you think Troy Aikman didn't play basketball in the offseason when he was the quarterback of the Cowboys? I'm sure he did.

Smith getting hurt is a big deal, especially when it happened during a non-NFL activity. But a man can get hurt doing anything away from football. You can't ask players to sit in the house all day and take naps while waiting for the season to start.

Romo hasn't gotten hurt playing hoops or soccer or golf. He can sprain an ankle very easily in basketball and soccer and he could hurt his back playing golf. Or even a knee.

The Cowboys don't discourage Romo or any other player from outside physical activities, nor should they. Players like Smith and Romo have a right to do what they want to in the offseason.

Getting hurt is the risk that you take.