Tony Romo and 4,000 yards

In 2009, an NFL record 10 quarterbacks threw for 4,000 or more yards, starting with Houston's Matt Schaub (4,770).

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is also on this list, throwing for a club-record 4,483 yards. The mark translated, if you will, into 11 wins, an NFC East title and the first playoff victory in over 10 years.

Does throwing for 4,000 yards mean success for an NFL quarterback?

Schaub's Texans missed the playoffs last season. Of the 10 quarterbacks that threw for over 4,000 yards, seven led their teams to the postseason. Peyton Manning, the standard for quarterbacks, has done it nine times since 2000. Tom Brady, who has more rings than Mannings, has done it three times since 2000.

Jon Kitna, currently the Cowboys' backup, threw for 4,000 yards in 2006 and 2007, but those Detroit Lions teams didn't make the postseason. Just ask Roy Williams why. He'll tell you all about it.

The last time Romo threw for 4,000 plus yards prior to last season was 2007, when he threw 4,211 yards with 36 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. The Cowboys, won the division and 13 games. A loss to the New York Giants in the divisional round of the playoffs spoiled the season.

The next season, Romo missed three games because of a broken pinkie and threw for 3,448 yards. It's fair to say Romo could have thrown for over 552 yards (the difference) in the three games he missed. However, the Cowboys missed the playoffs, and all sorts of questions were raised about Romo's skills and leadership abilities.

After such a wonderful year in 2009, nobody is questioning Romo's skills or leadership now.

However, the year after he threw for 4,000 yards, the Cowboys season imploded. Will it happen again?

That appears doubtful because Wade Phillips has taken more control of the team, and the locker room issues of the past are gone. When they're minor dustups, such as Patrick Crayton wanting a trade or Marion Barber getting hurt again, the Cowboys seem to move on with no problems.

We're not sure if Romo is an elite quarterback yet. He's a good one, probably in the top 10 in the league. Is he up there with Drew Brees, Brady, Manning and Favre? Not yet.

Will you take Romo over Philip Rivers? I would.

Romo over Donovan McNabb? Yeah, I would now. Last year, I wouldn't.

Romo over Ben Roethlisberger? That's a tough one seeing how Roethlisberger has won two Super Bowl titles.

Romo over Eli Manning? Another tough one with Manning having won a Super Bowl.

Romo is a good quarterback, and throwing for 4,000 or more yards might become a regular thing.