Emmitt fumbles at World Series of Poker

We know that Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith can dance, but does he know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em?

If his experience Thursday at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas is any indication, the answer would be "no."

First, Smith bobbled the handoff when chosen to make the traditional announcement, "Shuffle up and deal." Here's the account, according to Andrew Feldman over at ESPN.com's poker blog.

The final starting day of the 2010 main event began with everyone standing and applauding as Emmitt Smith was introduced. "How 'bout them Cowboys," was shouted from the tables, and Smith replied in kind, then looked out at the crowd, proclaimed his excitement and let out, "Shuffle up and play!" A good laugh echoed through the room before Smith grabbed the microphone again and said, "Shuffle up and deal!" Smith then headed over to his table, sat down for action and began his Day 1 just like every other player in the room with hopes of main event glory.

It didn't get any better for Smith once the dealing began. He couldn't make it past Level 2 and was eliminated just hours after making his WSOP debut.