Marty B's out of the YouTube business

SAN ANTONIO -- Martellus Bennett, the promising tight end entering his third season, surprisingly announced his retirement this morning.

From YouTube.

"I will no longer be doing MartyBtv ever.." tweeted Bennett, aka KungFuAstronaut.

That's a wise move for a wannabe comedian whose video exploits were foolish on a regular basis, occasionally stomped on the line of political correctness and have drawn more attention than anything he's done on an NFL field.

The Cowboys fined Bennett a game check last year for his MartyBTV debut, a profanity-laced rap while wearing a Cowboys helmet. His "Black Olympics," featuring him competing against his brother Michael in contests of eating fried chicken and watermelon and drinking Kool-Aid, ruffled some feathers. So did his Osama Bin Laden impersonation, which hit the Internet on the Fourth of July.

But Bennett wanted his nearly 23,000 Internet followers to know that it was solely his decision to put the video camera down.

"No the cowboys didn't tell me the stop jus something I've decided to do," he tweeted.