Position battle: Fourth cornerback

SAN ANTONIO – Cletis Gordon, who has been on an NFL roster or practice squad since 2006, has an advantage in the competition for the fourth cornerback job due to experience. He helped his cause by slimming down seven pounds since minicamp, according to Wade Phillips.

But secondary coach Dave Campo looks forward to seeing the rookies try to catch up. He plans to let the competition between Gordon, sixth-round pick Jamar Wall and undrafted Bryan McCann play out through the course of the preseason.

“When you talk about a guy you take late in the draft or take in free agency, usually those are competitive guys that have some kind of special quality,” Campo said. “Obviously, their overall talent initially was not like some of the other guys that were taken earlier. But some guys develop late. You look at a Larry Brown. We took him in the 12th round. You’re going to find some of those guys.”

Campo sees the desire to compete in Wall and McCann. And he sees a special quality in both rookie corners.

Campo on Wall: “He will hit you. He will get after your butt.”

Campo on McCann: “He is an excellent footwork, skill type of guy. But he’s still got a ways to go attacking the football and finishing and those types of things.”