Position battle: Cletis Gordon leads pack

SAN ANTONIO -- Secondary coach Dave Campo said cornerback Cletis Gordon has the lead in becoming the fourth cornerback.

Gordon, a five-year pro, is battling Jamar Wall (Texas Tech) and Bryan McCann (SMU) for the fourth corner spot. Campo said he doesn't want Alan Ball, who was moved from corner to safety, to worry about the cornerback position anymore.

Ball is the projected starter at free safety.

"I'd say Cletis Gordon has been in the lead, he's got the experience," Campo said following Wednesday's practice.

Wall and Gordon have at least two interceptions in the first few days of training camp and have been active in terms of getting to the receiver either to know a pass down or pick it off.

"He's starting to make some plays and I think that's going to be his strength," Campo said of Wall. "Sometimes he looks a little herky-jerky out there and not real smooth. But there's been a lot of guys who played that looked real well but they don't play very well. He has playmaking ability. When it's for real, he's a physical player and some of that stuff will begin to show up."

On Gordon, Campo said, "I like Cletis. I think he's made as much improvement as anybody out here. I feel like he's really embraced the scheme and he's working very well and he offers something the other guys don't have, he has size and uses his hands and he can be more physical than the other guys."

On McCann: "McCann is technically sometimes better than the veteran guys, just footwork, break-and-drive and all those kinds of things, but he's 186 pounds, [Wall] is 196 and [Gordon] 200. What's he going to do when the pads come on? Are the big receivers going to push him and that kind of thing? He looks a little smoother than Wall, but Wall I've seen play but you have to see who is going to be a factor."