DB coach defends Orlando Scandrick

SAN ANTONIO – If you want to blame a player for Dez Bryant’s injury, point the finger at quarterback Jon Kitna, not cornerback Orlando Scandrick.

“The ball was thrown behind the guy,” secondary coach Dave Campo said. “If it had been thrown right, there would have been no collision. But it just had happened to slow down and they ran into each other. That’s football.”

Scandrick made a good play on the ball to break up the poor pass. It’s the kind of play that Campo wants to see his defensive backs make on a consistent basis.

It was also a glimpse of Scandrick’s competitiveness.

“Remember now, Orlando considers himself a starter,” Campo said. “But he’s not a starter. He’s trying to do everything that he can to make the football team without hurting anybody. And he’s not trying to hurt anybody, I can promise you.”