Play of the Day: Marc Colombo on move

SAN ANTONIO – Poor Jamar Wall.

The sixth-round cornerback simply had no chance. He gives up 10 inches and 120 pounds to right tackle Marc Colombo, who had a 15-yard head of steam when he sent Wall sprawling butt-first into the end zone.

The play-call during red zone drills in the morning practice was a quick screen to Felix Jones on the right side. Tony Romo lofts a swing pass to Jones, so Colombo has to really move to escort the scatback around the corner. He got out in front of Jones and escorted him into the end zone with a bang Saturday morning.

“He can run,” said offensive line coach Hudson Houck, who added that Colombo is crafty when it comes to releasing around defensive ends. “He’s a big, old, tall guy, but he gets out there.”

The Cowboys have had success in recent years running sweeps that require Colombo to pull. They also preferred to run screens his way.

With Doug Free on the left side instead of Flozell Adams, they can run those kinds of plays either way. We got a glimpse of that during the afternoon practice, when Free walled off a cornerback to allow Miles Austin to scoot into the end zone for a short touchdown on a quick screen.

"Flo was not very good at it," Houck said in an understatement. "Now we can go right, we can go left. It gives us more flexibility. What happens now is, if you go inside blitz on us, we’re outside real fast. We’ve got ways to get it out there fast."