What's wrong with Tony Romo's arm?

SAN ANTONIO -- Next to Dez Bryant's ankle, the most talked about body part here at training camp is Tony Romo's arm.

It was tired the last couple of days, and Romo said it wasn't a issue. He's had soreness in the biceps and shoulder area that has subsided after a few days of reduced throwing. Romo's legs were also a little tired, and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett said when that happens a quarterback tends to push more stress on his arm and he's less accurate.

Garrett wants the quarterbacks to use their legs to help push off to make throws. When that occurs, combined with the proper balance, good things normally happen.

"I think it definitely was a little bit well rested after the last couple of days because I minimized the throws," Romo said after the morning practice on Tuesday. "For me, it's not an elbow thing where some quarterbacks who have a little different stroke when they throw the ball. They use a little more elbow, so I think they get a pain. Mine, it's just soreness in the shoulder. I'm more of a shoulder thrower."

Romo was a lot sharper in practice on Tuesday and threw the deep ball with some nice touch and he had plenty of zip on the ball when throwing into the end zone.

Romo should start Sunday's preseason game vs. Cincinnati but might not play that much. A Tuesday night meeting between the coaches will determine who plays and for how long.