Scout's Eye: Day 11 observations

My thoughts from Tuesday’s practice:

*Quarterback Stephen McGee will get the lion’s share of the work this summer, and with five preseason games, he will need every one of them.

These games will be the best opportunity and really the only opportunity that the staff and front office will have to get a true read on his ability. Sure, they have seen McGee in practice and been with him in meetings, but how he handles these games will be the true measuring stick.

McGee has had his moments in this camp, but he has also had his struggles as well. A two-minute drive moving well down the field ends up with an interception on the goal line by Cletis Gordon, who drives on the ball intended for Titus Ryan. In the afternoon session, he threw another two picks, but one of those really wasn’t his fault because Tashard Choice couldn’t handled a checkdown pass that ended up in Leon Williams’ hands.

There are several traits that you have to like in McGee. He does have a strong arm, he does show mobility and he has quarterback intelligence.

Look for McGee to be given every chance to prove himself. A coach told me that McGee will have every opportunity to shine with quality players around him, which is important. If McGee is running for his life, or struggling with receivers not making a plays, it will be hard to evaluate him.

*Choice has had a very quiet camp, which has been surprising to me. Choice just hasn’t played like his normal self.

Haven’t seen that runner that gets to and through the holes quickly. He has been running like he is not seeing what is in front of him. There is hesitation and indecision, which we don’t normally see from him.

Granted, Choice has had to take reps with the second and third lines, which at times have had their struggles as well. In the passing game, Choice is normally sure-handed, but he had a bad bobble that cost McGee an interception.

Having studied him on special teams and as a blocker on the second punt team, he has struggled to work on the edge and secure his block. Know he is a much better player than what we have seen in this camp to date.

*Have been impressed with the linebackers on this club all through training camp. Whether it’s the pass-rushing of DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer or the sideline to sideline play of Keith Brooking, as a collective group they have been outstanding.

Bradie James has been playing with a purpose this camp. He looks lighter and he is moving better even in coverage, where in the past he has been a bit of a liability. When balls that have gone to the outside in the running game, James has shown the ability to quickly read the scheme, react and get in on the play. James has been solid as well on point of attack plays during the 9-on-7 drills. He is a powerful man that plays with a thump.