Roy Williams made play on 'favorite route'

Roy Williams made a three-point play in the Hall of Fame Game.

His catch on third-and-long put the Cowboys in field goal range. Williams ran a deep crossing route – “my favorite route,” he said – and smoothly snatched a high throw from Tony Romo for a 21-yard gain.

“It’s one of those that you’ve got to have,” Williams said. “If I’d have dropped that one, ohhhh, God.”

Yes, Williams heard the boos every time he didn’t catch a ball he got a fingertip on during camp in the Alamodome. The reality is he had a pretty good two weeks in San Antonio, making several contested catches and dropping only one ball during competitive drills.

Romo went back to Williams twice in goal-to-go situations. The first appeared to be a throwaway when Pacman Jones had Williams covered on a fade route like a glass figurine in a fancy men’s room. Williams got open inside Pacman on a slant the next time, but Romo’s throw was off due to pressure.