Still more work for David Buehler

OXNARD, Calif. -- David Buehler has made six-of-seven field goal attempts this preseason. He's five-for-five from under 40 yards.

But nobody wants to give Buehler the place kickers job. Wade Phillips was happy with Buehler, but wanted to see more from him.

Joe DeCamillis, the special teams coordinator, who is in charge of these things, is also pleased with Buehler.

Like Phillips, DeCamillis isn't ready to commit to Buehler.

"I don't think you can do that yet," DeCamillis said. "You still have to go through the rest of the preseason, we've played like two games, he's like everybody else; A young player and were going to evaluate all the way up until it comes time to make a decison. That's the way you have to handle it in my opinion."

It's hard to simulate game-winning or game-tying situations in practice to see how Buehler handles pressure. In the two preseason games, Buehler hasn't faced any serious pressure but former kicker Nick Folk didn't either.

"I was hoping that situation would occur last week when it was 10-9," DeCamillis said. "It would have been nice to get down in field goal range, but you can't script those. It's going to be something we have to get used to when we get to the season."