Martellus Bennett is mad at the world

OXNARD, Calif. – Martellus Bennett didn’t have much to say about his ankle after returning to practice Sunday afternoon.

He’d rather rant about “haters.”

Bennett, whose production last season didn’t even approach the hype after his outstanding training camp, has tweeted several times in recent days about remembering all his critics and doubters. When asked Sunday whether it was frustrating to be sidelined for most of training camp, he switched the subject.

“All I want to just say, man, y’all just keep saying what you want to say about me,” said Bennett, whose performance was the highlight of an otherwise poor practice for the offense Sunday afternoon. “Keep hating, whatever y’all want to do. Despite all things, that’s all I do is play football. I don’t really give hell what anybody’s got to say. All I want to do is play right now.”

What exactly is Marty B talking about?

“It’s always the same [beep], but I don’t really give a [beep] right now,” he said. “I just want to play ball. I ain’t really tripping.

“I am mad. I’m very [beep] pissed off right now, but y’all will see what happens.”

Who exactly is he mad at?

“Everybody,” he said. “The whole world.”

Well, maybe not the whole world. He praised the Cowboys’ athletic trainers for getting him prepared to play again and said he’s “pretty close” to 100 percent.