Tony Romo practices through sickness

OXNARD, Calif. -- Before the start of practice on Monday afternoon, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said he didn't think quarterback Tony Romo would work out due to a stomach virus.

Five minutes later, Romo came walking out onto the field and practiced with little problem. Romo did misfire on a few passes, but he landed some quick throws for touchdowns in a two-minute drill and moved well in the pocket when pressure converged on him. His best throw of the day was a touchdown pass to tight end Jason Witten over two defenders to end a two-minute drill.

"You’re going to have to play sick sometimes," Romo said. "It’s the same when it’s raining. You’re going to have to play when it’s raining. It’s not really that big of a deal. If you’re going to be out here, you might as well do it."

Romo was feeling ill on Sunday, and it showed in how he threw the ball. He was erratic at times and after some throws he just held his head down and walked back to the huddle. Romo wouldn't use his illness as an excuse but, he did need to take antibiotics to combat the sickness.

Even when talking with reporters outside the practice fields on Monday, he spoke quietly.

In training camp, Romo has dealt with a fatigued arm, sore back and now the flu.

"Yeah, it’s like anything, it improves," Romo said of how he practiced Monday. "But you’re sick. You feel sluggish. It’s part of the deal. You go back and get some rest and come out tomorrow and be ready to go. It’s good though. We got some good work in. It’s part of training camp. It’s probably just the flu. It’s slow progressing."