Tony Romo always wants to play

OXNARD, Calif. – Tony Romo won’t request reduced preseason playing time behind a patchwork offensive line.

Romo’s philosophy is the more reps, the better.

“I always want to play,” Romo said. “A, it’s fun. B, it’s always a learning experience to gauge yourself in what you’re doing and the things you’ve tried to improve upon. It’s always important.”

Of course, Romo has a different perspective of the preseason than most franchise quarterbacks. He had to scrap for a roster spot as an undrafted rookie, earning a job with his preseason performance. All of his snaps came in the preseason during his first four-plus years in the league.

His complete-game performance in a 2006 preseason win over Seattle, when he threw for 235 yards and a touchdown on 19-of-25 passes, helped convince Bill Parcells that Romo was a starting-caliber quarterback.

The preseason helped Romo get to this point. He believes it can help him get better.