Roy Williams on offense: 'No concern'

OXNARD, Calif. – The Cowboys' starting offense has managed one touchdown drive in seven preseason possessions. And that covered all of 8 yards.

So when does this group need to start looking like a legitimate offense?

"That Sunday night game we’ve got against Washington, that would probably be a good time for us," receiver Roy Williams said.

There was more than a touch of snark in Williams' tone when he made that comment. He acknowledged that it'd be nice if the Cowboys could actually put together a decent touchdown drive or two in Saturday night's dress rehearsal against the Texans, but Williams definitely didn't come across as a worried man.

"I mean, you want to do it every time, but when you really want to do it is Sunday night," Williams said. "No concern at all. It’s the preseason.

"We’re working on stuff. We’re not game-planning for anybody. We’re out there trying to do this and do that. Coaches are evaluating players, putting players in situations that they want to see them in. It’s a game, but it’s not really a game."

Just in case there were any questions about Williams' confidence in the offense, he later compared these Cowboys to the 1998 Vikings. That Minnesota team set a since-broken NFL record by scoring 556 points.

Hey, that's only 195 more than the Cowboys scored last season, when they ranked in the middle of the NFL pack in points.

This offense, despite all the Pro Bowlers, has plenty to prove. It wouldn't hurt to start Saturday night in Houston.