Jerry Jones understands concerns

IRVING -- Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones knows fans are worried as the media continues to discuss how poorly the Cowboys have played in the preseason.

But he's not worried.

"We have to really put it in perspective, not excuses," Jones said prior to Tuesday's practice. "You want to give the Texans [credit] for their effort -- and that shouldn’t be dismissed -- but we've got 10 days to take what we've done in training camp and get better."

The Cowboys (2-2) haven't had a winning preseason since 2006, when they went 3-0-1. In 2005, the Cowboys opened the first two preseason games on the West Coast and finished the regular season 9-7.

In 2001, the Cowboys played five preseason games, including one in Mexico City. Dallas finished 5-11 that season. The previous year, the Cowboys went 0-5 in the preseason, with a game in Tokyo, and then went 5-11. The year before that, the Cowboys particpated in the Hall of Fame Game and went 1-4 in the preseason and 8-8 in the regular season.

Now, you can say the Cowboys didn't have talented teams those years, but the team's lack of success after playing five preseason games -- at least in the last decade -- might have an impact on the season.

"I understand our fans' concern. I really do understand everyone’s concern," Jones said. "It's as understandable as it can be, but I look back at the experience we’ve had in preseason and it hasn’t impacted how successful we’ve been in the regular season. I think our best seasons have been when we traveled the most, and those kinds of things."

In 1996 and 1998, the Cowboys reached the postseason after playing five preseason games. And the Cowboys also played five preseason games -- including one in Toronto -- in 1995, when they last won the Super Bowl.