Patrick Crayton takes the high road

Patrick Crayton is taking the high road. No parting shots. No pulling back of the curtain. No flamethrower act on his way out the door.

Just warm wishes for his former teammates and love for the city that will remain home.

The part of my brain that is always entertained by some good, juicy Cowboys drama is a bit disappointed. Crayton has always been opinionated and outspoken, so with his official divorce from the Cowboys at hand, I was pulling up a lawn chair for an exciting fireworks show. But it’s not to be. At least for now.

Here are a few excerpts from a conversation I just had with him:

Me: Are you shocked that it came to this?

Crayton: Nope. Not shocked at all. I wish it was different. I played with a bunch of those guys for six years. It was good. It was fun. Trust me, the relationships ain’t going nowhere.

Me: What do you think about playing for San Diego? Have you had a chance to think about playing with Phillip Rivers yet?

Crayton: You know I’m licking my chops about that one. I go from one Pro Bowl quarterback to another. One Pro Bowl tight end to another. Another dominant defense, a nice, young running back, a good offensive line ... I’m looking forward to it.

Me: So what do you want Cowboys fans to know on your way out?

Crayton: It’s been a great six years. I love Dallas, I’m gonna always be in Dallas. Dallas is home. I’m just gonna be wearing a different uniform this year.