Cowboys smart to keep Sam Hurd

Common sense prevailed over dollars when the Cowboys decided on their fifth wide receiver.

They kept Sam Hurd despite his $1.759 million salary. They cut Jesse Holley, who would have made only $320,000.

The Cowboys can justify their decision to get rid of Patrick Crayton by pointing to the potential of a younger, cheaper Kevin Ogletree. While Ogletree isn’t better than Crayton right now, he has the tools to develop into an impact player.

That isn’t the case with Holley, a hard-working guy who earned an invitation to the Cowboys’ camp last season by winning Michael Irvin’s reality show.

Hurd is the Cowboys’ best special teams player. He’s not a starting-caliber receiver, but he has proven that he’s capable of making plays. He reminded the Cowboys of that by beating Miami starting cornerback Sean Smith for a 43-yard touchdown in the preseason finale.

There isn’t anything that Holley does better than Hurd. Money was the only reason they considered keeping Holley and cutting Hurd.

Hurd might be overpaid for his role, but he can help the Cowboys contend. That makes keeping him a smart move.