Redskins relying on old Joey Galloway

IRVING, Texas – Joey Galloway, the biggest receiver trade bust in Cowboys history until Roy Williams, departed Dallas seven years ago. He’ll start against the Cowboys on Sunday night.

That’s not exactly a good sign for the Redskins.

Galloway actually had some good years after the Cowboys traded him to Tampa Bay, recording three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons. But he’s caught 20 passes for 205 yards in the two seasons since then, and he’s ancient by NFL receiver standards at 38 years old.

“He’s got some gas left in the tank,” Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb said during a conference call with Valley Ranch media. “He’s a guy that we all know back in the day made a name for himself. In a given moment, he’ll do the same.”

Don’t hold your breath for any of those given moments to occur against Pro Bowl cornerbacks Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins this weekend.