Alex Barron: 'Not my first rodeo'

IRVING, Texas – As far as Alex Barron is concerned, it’s business as usual. He’s just wearing a different uniform.

Barron started 74 of the last 76 games for the Rams, so it’s not like he’s a bundle of nerves because he’ll have to fill in for right tackle Marc Colombo during the Cowboys’ season opener Sunday night.

“My confidence is high,” Barron said. “This is not my first rodeo.”

Barron, a former first-round pick acquired in an offseason trade for Bobby Carpenter, considers this an opportunity to prove how he can help the Cowboys. He’ll be challenged by batting Redskins outside linebacker Brian Orakpo, the Texas-ex who had 11 sacks as a rookie last season.

Barron has significant experience at both tackle spots, so moving to the right side isn’t a major adjustment even though most of his work with the Cowboys came on the left side before Colombo’s right knee locked up in the middle of training camp.

The biggest concern for Barron is meshing with his new linemates, especially right guard Leonard Davis.

“It’s nothing that happens overnight,” Barron said. “We’ve been working on it since I stepped in over there. It’s getting better. Every day, we watch film and talk about some things. We just expect to be OK on Sunday.”