Tashard Choice: 'I try to make something happen'

IRVING, Texas – Tashard Choice knows he made the wrong decision. He regrets the result. But it’s just not in his nature to go down without a fight.

If he’d have done that, the Cowboys would have trailed by a field goal at the end of the first half. But Choice tried fighting for extra yardage and got stripped by DeAngelo Hall, whose fumble returned gave the Redskins a 10-0 lead the Cowboys couldn’t overcome.

“I could have laid down, I could have gone out of bounds, but that ain’t me,” Choice said. “That’s just not my style. That’s not the type of player I am. I try to make something happen. And I shouldn’t have. I have got to be smarter. But anytime I have to make sure I secure the ball. That’s just my bad.”

It was the first fumble of Choice’s NFL career. He promised that he’d make protecting the ball the top priority in similar situations in the future. But he couldn’t guarantee that he’d go down to end the half, even if he had no chance of scoring.

“I would hold the ball with two hands,” he said. “Instead of trying to make a play, I just wanted to run them over. I didn’t care. But I didn’t want to put the ball on the ground, that’s No. 1. When I got the ball, and I got two or three people there and I do try to make it, I have to hold the ball.”